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Today marked the very first time I sat through an entire Super Bowl, or any football game. I suppose you have to be the right company to enjoy it, or maybe it’s my new found appreciation for all things. It’s made me think about things that I simply need to do this year including (and in no particular order):

  • See at least 3 live sporting events. Tickets can run cheap and I’ve found that even nose bleed sections are just as entertaining…
  • Watch a play. Wicked will do this one for me, but I’d also like to see another big production as well as a few other independent plays.
  • Witness a monster truck showdown. I got that one after I saw it posted on A Little Pea and I just haven’t gotten my mind off it yet.
  • Visit at least 3 new museums. Los Angeles is actually a pretty cultured place if you know where to look.

Enough about the future though. I’m beginning school tomorrow and I have all sorts of mixed feelings. There’s a certain amount of apprehension that comes with school, at least for myself and I haven’t shaken it off yet. It’s getting a little bit better, but my stomach still gets tied up in knots. I’m definitely looking forward to this semester though. I’m taking 2 Journalism classes, one marketing class, and a health class online. Very excited.

And finally, I have a zit on the side of my nose. It hurts. It’s red. And it’s there. (I’m sure the greasy, but tasty, pizza and chips we ate today didn’t help this baby go down…)


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