You are currently browsing the tag archive for the ‘mywoodenrobot’ tag. is not completely finished yet (we don’t have a homepage just yet) but the blog is set and you can visit it at  Having the blog here was so much fun, but I’m afraid we’re at the end of this chapter and it’s time for a positive change.  Thanks for all your support here!  Hope to see you at the new address.  (A homepage should be up shortly so look out for that!)


Last night, after a long talk with my friend Sebastian, I decided that MyWoodenRobot should be more organized.  In the sense that I follow a schedule of topics I need to blog about on a certain day, month, week, etc.  By doing this, both you and me will know exactly what topics I will have to blog about that day and it will kind of force me to learn more instead of whenever I remember.

Here is what I have come up with so far:

How to Mondays – Every Monday, look forward to a how to post about anything from how to apply make up to how to change your car’s oil. 

Crafty Wednesdays – Look for a craft related story every Wednesday including interviews, craft instrutions, videos, etc.

Food Fridays – Fridays from now on will have at least one post dedicated to recipes, food, cooking tips, etc.

Bringing Domestic Back Challenge – New challenges will be posted every Friday (here and on Apt310G) to make your life better and more handmade.  Frequent participants will recieve prizes!

Every Month (beginning with February) will have a theme that is loosely followed throughout the month.  February’s theme, keep with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, will be about Relationships.  Not just romantic ones but friendships too!

Of course these are more like a guideline so you won’t only find articles related to that or restricted to the topics on those days or months.  Same MyWoodenRobot with a little more added. 

It’s raining today–perfect for crafting.  Earlier today, I headed out to the dollar store and got some great finds like children’s books, this awesome Batman Begins book, fun playing cards, and flashcards.  I took some pages of an Arthur book I found at the 99 Cent Store and my new found love of perfect binding and made these cute notebooks with asymmetrical stitching.

Then, when I began cleaning my room, I found a few sheets of what were supposed to be My Wooden Robot business cards that I never used and repurposed them to be covers for two more journals. 

These will all be for sale at a discounted price (hurry, it’s a limited time!) at my Etsy Store.

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