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Just as I was beginning to loose hope of ever selling an item, I got an email yesterday from another etsy member saying that she ordered a Scrap Journal from the store and just wanted to make sure that I send it to the right address.

I blinked several times, rubbed my eyes, and then starred blankly at the computer screen. Could this be true? Now the order only totaled $3.25 but I don’t think it was the fact that I was going to be $3.25 richer, it was the fact that someone had noticed and felt confident enough in my work to spend their $3.25 at my store. What a day!

I then rushed out to the post office that just opened near the house, the one right across the street from the classy strip club and was greeted by the nicest post office worker I’ve ever encountered. She even offered me pen when I was on the other side of the office filling out the mailer. How attentive.

Yesterday might have been ripped out of the pages of the twilight zone but, I sure enjoyed it. Even if it wasn’t real. (Yes, I had many, many dreams about having already sold an item, I know. It’s sad.) So I can now include myself in the masses that have already sold an item on etsy. yay!


So long scrap journal! We’ll miss you, but we’d much rather have you with a new owner. =]

So once in a while, I decide to keep my promises, especially since it’s for the good of My Wooden Robot.  =]  So today, I got off my lazy butt and took some pictures of my new card designs.  We uploaded 5 today but I have a lot more coming that we’ll be posting everyday (at least one new card a day).  I’m so excited because I actually built the macro photo studio (thanks Paper Cuts Studio!) and my pictures came out so much better.  Now I can spend my time making more designs than struggling with my poor lighting situations or weather that’s not cooperating.


So check out my etsy store to see the new designs (as well as the ones that have been up).

I’m in desperate need of a new wallet (not that I have money now, but it doesn’t hurt to find a cute home for it ahead of time!).  So I decided to do a little bit of searching before I make the purchase.  Any favorites?


The Bifold Snap Wallet ($26) from Blissful is perfect for the cutesy middle school girl in me. 



But I do have to admit that this Leather Owl Wristlet ($45) from bonspielcreation is hypnotizing…



And this Forest Flap Wallet ($35) by pego is a style I’m more likely to lean toward.  It’s simple, and has lots of functional pockets and flaps to keep my all important Borders or CVS cards in.  =]

 Instead of making the sock monkey today (day’s no over yet…so I still have some time) I went over to Sergio’s and we started designing a BUNCH of cards.  I’m super excited about all of them.  Now we just need to upload them onto etsy…  I always hate the process of that step, but it’s fun seeing your shop grow! 

Putting together a Thanksgiving dinner is no easy feat, but looking good while doing it doesn’t have to be so hard.  Look effortlessly good in these aprons I found on Etsy for prices you won’t have to sacrifice your turkey for.

A cute and simple edition to your apron closet.  No one will wonder if you just ordered your Thanksgiving dinner from the supermarket.  And with the money you save on this, you can splurge on that pumpkin pie you’ve been eyeing.


Peachy Starburst Gathered Waist Apron, $10 by Coast Hwy Vintage


A flirty Martha?  This sophisticated print and color shows that you don’t mess in the kitchen, but when guests get a peek at the flutter trim, they’ll know who can get down and party.


Felicity Hostess Apron in Red Spice, $35 by Bella Style


Let us give thanks to the Fashionistas!  You’ll have an apron in one hand and lipstick in the other.  Your guests will wonder, “How does she do it all?”


Cocktail Apron in Black+Fuschia, $43 by TheCookieJar

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