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Today marked the very first time I sat through an entire Super Bowl, or any football game. I suppose you have to be the right company to enjoy it, or maybe it’s my new found appreciation for all things. It’s made me think about things that I simply need to do this year including (and in no particular order):

  • See at least 3 live sporting events. Tickets can run cheap and I’ve found that even nose bleed sections are just as entertaining…
  • Watch a play. Wicked will do this one for me, but I’d also like to see another big production as well as a few other independent plays.
  • Witness a monster truck showdown. I got that one after I saw it posted on A Little Pea and I just haven’t gotten my mind off it yet.
  • Visit at least 3 new museums. Los Angeles is actually a pretty cultured place if you know where to look.

Enough about the future though. I’m beginning school tomorrow and I have all sorts of mixed feelings. There’s a certain amount of apprehension that comes with school, at least for myself and I haven’t shaken it off yet. It’s getting a little bit better, but my stomach still gets tied up in knots. I’m definitely looking forward to this semester though. I’m taking 2 Journalism classes, one marketing class, and a health class online. Very excited.

And finally, I have a zit on the side of my nose. It hurts. It’s red. And it’s there. (I’m sure the greasy, but tasty, pizza and chips we ate today didn’t help this baby go down…)


Just as I was beginning to loose hope of ever selling an item, I got an email yesterday from another etsy member saying that she ordered a Scrap Journal from the store and just wanted to make sure that I send it to the right address.

I blinked several times, rubbed my eyes, and then starred blankly at the computer screen. Could this be true? Now the order only totaled $3.25 but I don’t think it was the fact that I was going to be $3.25 richer, it was the fact that someone had noticed and felt confident enough in my work to spend their $3.25 at my store. What a day!

I then rushed out to the post office that just opened near the house, the one right across the street from the classy strip club and was greeted by the nicest post office worker I’ve ever encountered. She even offered me pen when I was on the other side of the office filling out the mailer. How attentive.

Yesterday might have been ripped out of the pages of the twilight zone but, I sure enjoyed it. Even if it wasn’t real. (Yes, I had many, many dreams about having already sold an item, I know. It’s sad.) So I can now include myself in the masses that have already sold an item on etsy. yay!


So long scrap journal! We’ll miss you, but we’d much rather have you with a new owner. =]

Now I realize that not everyone has that “special someone” in their lives, but relationships go beyond boyfriends and girlfriends.  It’s about human interaction in general.  Friendships, Family, and Romantic.  So I’m dedicating this month to helping you improve those relationships, or even beginning them! 

But what good would a preacher be if he/she wouldn’t live their own word?  So in the spirit of Relationship Month, I went through my phone last night and made a phone call to some of my close friends that I seemed to have lost touch with.  I’ve always had a hard time returning phone calls, or even picking up the phone, so you have to understand what a big leap this was for me.  (I much prefer email…)

I did a little bit of my work for Relationship Month ahead of time by beginning Apartment 310G (which you’re more than welcome to join!) and keeping the growing friendships I’ve aquired online.  For once, I actually feel good about nurturing my relationships and I gotta say, it feels so rewarding.  😀

That’s right, is almost done.  I won’t set deadlines for myself since school will be starting next semester and I have no idea how big the work load will be.  The blog is already up so if you want to check it out, you can go to  I’m really just going through some different designs for a homepage and others, so once that’s all together, you’ll be able to add to your favorites! 

I’ve been trying to think of new ways that we can all learn together, push our creativity a little further, and share our projects.  So Sergio and I came up with the “Bringing Domestic Back Challenge.”

It will be a weekly challenge for everyone to try and incorporate a more handmade and personal aspect into your lives.  We will all be challenged to use a different ingredient, try a new craft project, meet new people, etc.  Also, everyone will be invited to host a different week so they can create their own challenge for everyone. 

Participants will not be expected to join the challenge every week (I know everyone is very busy), but those who participate frequently will be rewarded with a small prize.  (For the first person to participate in 3 challenges in a row will recieve a MyWoodenRobot gift package)

Let me know if you’d like to join.  Our first challenge will begin Friday, February 1.  Hope to see you there!

 Just one catch:  Participants need to join Apt 310G if they’re hoping to win prizes (it just takes 1 minute to sign up (it’s 100% FREE too!) and if you’re already going to do the challenges, then a prize for doing it won’t hurt will it?).

Last night, after a long talk with my friend Sebastian, I decided that MyWoodenRobot should be more organized.  In the sense that I follow a schedule of topics I need to blog about on a certain day, month, week, etc.  By doing this, both you and me will know exactly what topics I will have to blog about that day and it will kind of force me to learn more instead of whenever I remember.

Here is what I have come up with so far:

How to Mondays – Every Monday, look forward to a how to post about anything from how to apply make up to how to change your car’s oil. 

Crafty Wednesdays – Look for a craft related story every Wednesday including interviews, craft instrutions, videos, etc.

Food Fridays – Fridays from now on will have at least one post dedicated to recipes, food, cooking tips, etc.

Bringing Domestic Back Challenge – New challenges will be posted every Friday (here and on Apt310G) to make your life better and more handmade.  Frequent participants will recieve prizes!

Every Month (beginning with February) will have a theme that is loosely followed throughout the month.  February’s theme, keep with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, will be about Relationships.  Not just romantic ones but friendships too!

Of course these are more like a guideline so you won’t only find articles related to that or restricted to the topics on those days or months.  Same MyWoodenRobot with a little more added. 

I always wanted to be more active in the crafting community or at least an admirer.  So it dawned on me that the next step I needed to take was to attend craft fairs, maybe get to know the vendors, the attendees, or coordinators.  And aside from getting to know the crafters better, I’ll also be more involved in the SoCal community. 

So I found this great site that shows all the craft fairs, shows, and festivals, coming up in the next year.  Unfortunately, it’s only for the west half of the country but will give you a list of fairs for the east half.

I feel so left out of the loop.  Just in January alone, there was a list of over 20 shows that I missed out on but I won’t let that happen anymore!  I’m so excited to attend the Chinese New Year festivals in Los Angeles in just a little over a week.  I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!

Paper Cuts Studio has been such a big inspiration for me.  And after that wonderful interview with the lovely Feliza-Rose from Paper Cuts Studio, I decided to take my designs, book binding, and well everything to the next level.  A few of her journals feature linocut prints (like Robot Love) and after she explained how approachable this craft was, I decided to give it a try myself.

So without further adu, here are my first linocuts.  After I did the first one (the mushroom design at the bottom) I couldn’t stop!  But it was getting late and I needed to go home (I did the work at Sergio’s house a.k.a. the Wooden Robot creative headquarters). 

Clock wise from top left:  Cartoon Broccoli, cupcake, ice cream, birdie, Phat Monkey, mushrooms, lanterns.
I think this may be a new addition to my top 5 hobbies (don’t ask me what the other 4 are, there’s like a 20 way tie).  It’s fun, easy, fast (depending on your design) and best of all:  cheap!  I got a sheet of linoleum for about $6 and these cuts only took half of that sheet.

I’ve just spent my entire morning on the site Funny or Die.  It all started with the Tom Cruise Scientology parody by Jerry O’Connell and continued with Will Ferrell’s The Landlord and ended with Waldo Caught on Video!  I wish I could continue but there are things that need to be done…  Until next time Funny or Die…

I decided that I’m now going to stop trying to surprise Sergio.  Nothing gets past him.  Even when he doesn’t have a clue, he somehow ends up finding out on accident.  Let me show you what I’m talking about.

His 18th birthday.  First birthday I spent with him.  We had just watched Garden State and he was obsessed with it, so I thought it would be nice to buy him the DVD as well as the soundtrack.  I didn’t mention anything other than the fact that I bought him a present and in the wide world of products and merchandise, he pin pointed exactly what I bought him.  He said he had a hunch.

Christmas ’05.  I was so excited that year.  I saved up enough money to buy him two lego sets.  It was my first big purchase for him since it set me back about $120.  I was very careful not to leave any clues around and just when he saw the wrapped boxes, he guessed that I bought him legos.  And I didn’t even shake it!

Valentine Day ’07.  I decided that we were finally going to have a real Valentine day with the chocolates and all.  But this time, I was going to attempt to make truffles since I had just found a recipe on  I was so anxious to tell someone about my gift idea, so I had to text it to my sister (who lives across the country).  Unfortunately, I was so used to texting Sergio that I didn’t bother to look at what my fingers were pressing and ended up sending a text that read, “I’m so excited.  I’m going to make Sergio truffles for Valentine Day!  Shhh.” to who else but Sergio.  I was picking him up to go to school that day and as he was getting into the car, he had a huge smile on his face and said, “So you’re going to make me truffles?” 

His 21st Birthday.  It hasn’t even happened yet and already he’s found out his present.  This, I will blame on Gmail.  So I was at his house yesterday checking my email and the internet gave out because of all the rain so I didn’t get a chance to log out of my account.  And for those of you who have gmail, you know that it will stay on your account unless you take the extra 2 seconds to click ‘Log Out’ yourself.  I didn’t think much of it since I didn’t have anything special there.  So I went home and thought about the perfect gift for Sergio’s 21st birthday.  I logged onto Ticketmaster and found two tickets that were decently priced for Wicked and bought them.  Naturally, when you buy just about anything online, they send you an order confirmation to…that’s right.  Your email. 

When I saw Sergio this morning, I decided that since the play was just 3 weeks away, I should tell him now so he can request that night off and just as I spoke the words, “So I got you a birthday present…” he interupts me and says, “Wicked?” 

And that is the end of me trying to surprise Sergio because he’s not even trying and he’s finding out the surprises.  I now know why he never gets them. 

I’m not mad or disappointed, I just thought it was funny how my luck with this always turns out.  And it made me feel a little bit better that he felt bad about the Wicked thing because he knew I was trying to surprise him with that one.  Oh well.

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