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I forget the actual percentage of how many people try to loose weight or decide they’ll be healthier for the new year, but it’s high. So why not start out the BDBC with a health related challenge?

This week (and hopefully weeks after this) you’ll need to incorporate some type of fiber into a meal or dish. It could be anything, like your favorite recipe revamped with a fiber twist, a change you made to meals you eat regularly, etc.

Here are a few good sources (there are lots more though!) of fiber to get your mind jogging:

  • Oatmeal
  • Flax Seeds
  • Wheat Flour
  • Fiber One
  • Brown Rice

The Rules:
Entries must be posted before Sunday, February 10, 11:59 pm.
A photograph, recipe, or some kind of instructions must be posted to prove that you did it.
A short reflection (could just be a sentence!) about the challenge.
Must be a member of Apt 310G to be eligible to win prizes. (Don’t worry, rent is 100% free and it only takes a minute to sign up)

Have fun!


I’ve been trying to think of new ways that we can all learn together, push our creativity a little further, and share our projects.  So Sergio and I came up with the “Bringing Domestic Back Challenge.”

It will be a weekly challenge for everyone to try and incorporate a more handmade and personal aspect into your lives.  We will all be challenged to use a different ingredient, try a new craft project, meet new people, etc.  Also, everyone will be invited to host a different week so they can create their own challenge for everyone. 

Participants will not be expected to join the challenge every week (I know everyone is very busy), but those who participate frequently will be rewarded with a small prize.  (For the first person to participate in 3 challenges in a row will recieve a MyWoodenRobot gift package)

Let me know if you’d like to join.  Our first challenge will begin Friday, February 1.  Hope to see you there!

 Just one catch:  Participants need to join Apt 310G if they’re hoping to win prizes (it just takes 1 minute to sign up (it’s 100% FREE too!) and if you’re already going to do the challenges, then a prize for doing it won’t hurt will it?).

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