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My little mini vacation was so much fun, but I am glad to be back home.  Mostly because I got sick on the trip.  It’s not fun to have your body sore, skin super sensitive, and on top of that, your nose running the entire trip, but I didn’t let that spoil my fun.  We went from January 15 to 17 and each day was equally fun.  I’ll have to give about 80% of the credit to the wonderful company I was with, so thank goodness for that.  😀

 Day 1:

We checked into the hotel and headed out to the USS Midway, a retired air craft carrier.  It’s so big, it’s like a small island.  The exhibit was so much fun.  There were lots of airplanes and helicopters on display and going with Sergio (who has some knowledge of all things transportation) and Seb (who is in the military) made it an even better visit.  It was like having a private tour of the ship.  The only part that sucked:  My camera’s battery died.  Boo.

I couldn’t get the entire ship in the frame because we were in the car and it was just so massive.
Landing a plane isn’t easy…  Seb and Jen are trying here.  He looks a little stressed doesn’t he?
We then walked around Downtown San Diego which I have to admit is much more beautiful that Downtown Los Angeles.  Probably because of 2 factors:  some of the architecture is more intricate and it’s clean.
Day 2:
I definitely wasn’t feeling any better, so we had to postpone our trip to the zoo to the next day, but I didn’t let that stop us from doing anything at all.  Jennifer decided that we should visit Coronado Island and hang out at the beach there because it’ll “make me feel better.”  lol.  It worked. 
Beautiful view.  The colors were so rich there and the funny thing is that I didn’t even really look at the water there.  We were too preoccupied with the next picture:
A little hermit crab Sergio found.  This was the first of a few.  Sergio and Seb went through a bunch of rocks to find all kinds of creatures, but our amazement was stuck with the hermit crabs.
Then we shifted our amusement to sea shell collecting.  Jen apparently has a great eye for finding them.  She found a few clam shells and we were hoping to get lucky and find a pearl in there.  No luck though…
We decided that although the beach was beautiful, we still had time to do at least one more thing that day and that was going to be the exploration of the Science Center.
Sergio’s conjuring up all sorts of science from the power of his hands.  Amazing.
Day 3:
The ZOO!  We were so excited about this.  I guess that my sickness made it turn out to be perfect timing.  What better way to end the trip than the reason we went there? 
We got to see Pandas.
And it’s baby.  But it was in the tree…I can’t believe it climbed all the way up the tree itself!
A gorilla and her baby.
An Orangutan named…Janey?  Uh oh.
Some beautiful snakes that I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as…
And the best camel ever!  It looked around very, very slowly with its wide eyes and mouth slightly open.  We all thought it had to be on shrooms or weed…

For those of you who don’t know, I’m going on a mini vacation to San Diego for 3 days and two nights with Sergio and my two friends, Jen and Seb.  We’ll be visiting the zoo there (I’m so excited!) and just relaxing and exploring the city.  Packing is something that I always dread and I’m the kind of person that ALWAYS forgets something essential like a toothbrush or underwear.  So, I made this checklist of all the things I could possibly think of that I’m going to need.  I’m sure I’m forgetting something very obvious, but I made the checklist available to you. 

For the moment, it’s a .doc file, but I’m going to try and get it for you on a .pdf once I figure that out.  😀 

You can see it by clicking the link below:


So, I won’t be seeing you until Thursday, but I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures and have fun stories to tell you.  Bye!

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