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Just as I was about to get off the computer, I of course just had to find something else to do on the interweb.  I now know how Meredith can call herself an internet addict.

So of course, I landed on etsy and I came across RunnerBean’s shop and I’m so glad I did.  Though small (compared to other users that have what seems like infinite products) with only 18 items listed, it was a very fulfilling browse.  You see there, I came upon these wonderful statue type items that runnerbean calls paper gurumi which she explains came out of an appreciation for the growing craft of amigurumi (crocheted toys done in a continuous stitch made in a round) but didn’t they was gifted with the dull ook.  So, they ventured into the paper version of amigurumi and came up with these:


Sol  $35



Lark  $30



Bookworks by Sue Doggett $18.45 from Amazon

I just recieved this book in the mail yesterday and I love it!  Normally, I’d only expect to get about 1 maybe 2 crafts that I love in a book and for about $15 (if I do the craft more than once) I’m happy.  But I can definitely see myself doing many if not all projects from this book.

Up until now, I’ve been doing book binding from what I figured out myself and what I saw in a few instructional videos here and there.  After reading a through half of the book last night, I’m now almost confident in my bookbinding knowledge since I now understand a lot of the terms and lingo.

And probably the best part (if we’re excluding the information you’ll learn) is that the projects don’t look tacky or dated.  The designs are classic or modern and if you don’t like the way one book looks, you don’t feel like you’re limited to making it look exactly the same way they did it.  Lots of options here.

I definitely recommend this book if you’re even just the least bit interested in bookbinding. 

I was reading Italian Lasagna’s blog today and I came across the amazing store Wink.  They sell wall decals there that stick, but aren’t permanent for those of you fickle decorators like myself out there.  I love the Tweet Peet design (above) but they also have more sophisticated styles.  I know that I wouldn’t mind any of them.  And this is a great alternative for those of you who aren’t digging the framed look so much.

So once in a while, I decide to keep my promises, especially since it’s for the good of My Wooden Robot.  =]  So today, I got off my lazy butt and took some pictures of my new card designs.  We uploaded 5 today but I have a lot more coming that we’ll be posting everyday (at least one new card a day).  I’m so excited because I actually built the macro photo studio (thanks Paper Cuts Studio!) and my pictures came out so much better.  Now I can spend my time making more designs than struggling with my poor lighting situations or weather that’s not cooperating.


So check out my etsy store to see the new designs (as well as the ones that have been up).

I’m in desperate need of a new wallet (not that I have money now, but it doesn’t hurt to find a cute home for it ahead of time!).  So I decided to do a little bit of searching before I make the purchase.  Any favorites?


The Bifold Snap Wallet ($26) from Blissful is perfect for the cutesy middle school girl in me. 



But I do have to admit that this Leather Owl Wristlet ($45) from bonspielcreation is hypnotizing…



And this Forest Flap Wallet ($35) by pego is a style I’m more likely to lean toward.  It’s simple, and has lots of functional pockets and flaps to keep my all important Borders or CVS cards in.  =]

Sergio’s sister is due to have a baby in about 2-3 months and I’ve been itching to throw her a baby shower since she told us she’s pregnant.  We’ve already set a date for the shower (March 1) which gives me some time to get some invitations and other party planning things together.  But, I’ve found that it’s never too early to start shopping for presents!  I’ve been looking online for some gift ideas that will be 1. Useful, 2. In my budget, 3. Super cool.  I think I may have found it.


Enspira Convertible Carset by Safety 1st $98.99

Not only is it a cute color (let’s think stains resistant here) but it converts from an infant carseat to a toddler one too!  What more could you ask for?  It’s functional, looks sleek, and it has a cupholder.  Will you look at that.  Don’t underestimate how important a cupholder is.  I should know.


There are all sorts of dog products out there to make them even more like humans.  This morning, Sergio put on the cutest windbreaker jacket on his dad’s dog.  Oprah has portraits painted of her beloved puppies and AmeliaMakesArt is taking it one step further:  a felted image of your dog.  No, not just an image.  A little felted realistic statue of your dog.


Custom Needle Felted Likeness of Your Dog $145

That’s right.  For a mere $145, you too can have a custom felted statuette of your best friend.  It’s a steal if you think about what Oprah paid for her doggie portraits….

We can now sleep easier knowing that pies won’t be drying out across America now.  With the Pie Gate, refridgerators won’t be the end of a flavorful, juicy pie; and for about only $3, what else could be stopping you?


Planet Earth $54.99

Sergio’s dad has the amazing DVD collection (courtesy of his thoughtful son):  Planet Earth but it’s such a long and elaborate series, we were very slowly, but surely working our way through it.  Luckily for my family, one of my dad’s co-workers gave it to him for a Christmas present and we finally watched 2 episodes tonight. 

The images are so beautiful and the entire time, you can’t help but wonder what else is out there that we haven’t even seen yet.  Among other things, the mushroom growth really caught my eye on the Jungle episode and it really made me feel like drawing.  I guess we can all look forward to fungus inspired drawings!

Spring semester is about to begin so that means (for those of us who live in dorms) we need to pack up our things and move back to the campus.  Comforters?  Check.  Toiletries?  Check.  Clothes?  Check.  Cup o Noodle Timer?  CHECK.  Yes that’s right.  With this little gizmo, you can now time the cooking time for your favorite instant noodle to get the perfect firmness.  How did we ever live before this?


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