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I was reading Italian Lasagna’s blog today and I came across the amazing store Wink.  They sell wall decals there that stick, but aren’t permanent for those of you fickle decorators like myself out there.  I love the Tweet Peet design (above) but they also have more sophisticated styles.  I know that I wouldn’t mind any of them.  And this is a great alternative for those of you who aren’t digging the framed look so much.

I’ve been recently inspired by all the great people I’ve met through this blog.  Many of them are fellow crafters, bloggers, and some readers.  Whatever they were though, I thoroughly enjoyed my little conversations with everyone and realized that the more and more I blogged and read others’ posts, the more friends I met.  Which made me think:  I have so many wonderful friends, I bet they would all love each other’s company too!  So, I talked to some of my close friends and got to brainstorming.

My friends, Anthony and Meredith (they have never met by the way) both came up with the exact same idea:  start a social network.  That way, we can all share ideas, tips, tricks, and projects and on top of that all, have a fun place to go to where your friends are.  Kind of like we all share a creative apartment!

So Meredith came up with Apt 310G (kind of looks like Apt BLOG doesn’t it?  How clever.) 

If I haven’t sent you an e-mail to invite you, it’s probably because I don’t have your email address, but it most definitely doesn’t mean that you’re not invited!  You can join by clicking here and begin creating your profile, posting pictures, videos, and participating in forums. 

I’ll have to get a little bit more adapted to managing it, but you can definitely look forward to craft exchanges, some mini contests, and other great things.  😀  I look forward to seeing you there!

Spring semester is about to begin so that means (for those of us who live in dorms) we need to pack up our things and move back to the campus.  Comforters?  Check.  Toiletries?  Check.  Clothes?  Check.  Cup o Noodle Timer?  CHECK.  Yes that’s right.  With this little gizmo, you can now time the cooking time for your favorite instant noodle to get the perfect firmness.  How did we ever live before this?


Home Decor L-711
Originally uploaded by rotavina

I was searching through Flickr when I came upon rotavina’s profile… These are amazing rattan weaved home decor. I’m usually not its no 1 fan [maybe top 20], but I think if they all looked like this, I might just give it a shot.

[Visit for more information.]

Serving trays
Originally uploaded by mywoodenrobot

Hi, I’m Regina and I’m nervous. This is my first post on MyWoodenRobot. My sister has cordially invited me to post about random crafts and dishes/meals that I make. Hopefully this will encourage me to continue to try new things because we all know how lazy we can get when we get used to things.

Alright, so my boyfriend’s parents are coming to LA to celebrate new years and meet my parents for the first time ever! I have been racking my brain about what to give them as a welcoming gift. I like gifts to have meaning or to show that I put some work into it. After brainstorming with my father and sister, we came up with a personalized antique-looking tray. It was a fairly simple project. It combines the technique of stenciling and some freehand painting.

Cost: < $20

Wooden tray (I used finished – unfinished is fine too)
Acrylic paint
Print design
Hi-gloss finish (spray on lacquer- inexpensive, and very easy to use)

Xacto knife
Paint brushes

Stencil your design. Paint the base color onto your tray. Use tape to create straight lines and keep the paint off areas where you don’t want it. Once the paint is dry, use a sponge to dab the contrasting color through your stencil. Then use your paint brushes to touch up of some messy areas. Wait for the paint to dry, and finish it with two coats of lacquer.

Voila! Your very own personalized serving tray.

Stay tuned for more projects – cuz this gift ain’t done!


Bear Lovie by LavaJess $8

When I imagine my future dream house, I never really imagine the bear rug on the floor by the fire place as my husband smokes cigars and I swirl some wine.  No, I much prefer this image of the cutest bear rug inspired blanket I’ve ever seen.  (Measures approx. 14″ x 14″)

I’m just torturing myself with these food-like items. If you decide to support SweetCreations4You and buy their items, make sure that if I go over your house and you have them displayed that I know they’re not real…

Banana Split Candle – $12

Maple Pecan Waffles with Whipped Cream Candle – $12


I was searching for some awesome crafts and I came across this. I need to get back into soapmaking… Good job sugarhandgrenade! You can find more of her unique and quirky crafts (and buy them) at kitsch niche.

A cold day in So Cal? Impossible. This weekend was a record breaking 2 days of rain! (Not all the way through the day, sunny during the day and raining at night) In a way, I guess we’re spoiled with perfect weather everyday, but rain every now and then wouldn’t hurt either. Maybe next year, our persimmon tree will give bigger (or normal sized) fruit. [This year, we had cute mini persimmon sprouting from the branches.]

Tired of getting those rings on your nice vintage coffee table but not grown up enough to get floral coasters?  These fun, video game inspired coasters by lostmitten will satisfy the kid in all of you.


Glow in the dark PacMan will eat those glass rings away even when the lights are out.


Our favorite pixel buddies will give you a 1-up for your table (Also glows in the dark)


Familiar faces from Bust-a-Move and Puzzle Bobble will give your coffee table a splash of color and fun

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