Why woodenrobot?  I created him while very, very bored at work and I realized that he symbolized everything this blog is about.  He is a modern creation (hence the “robot”) but he’s also brining it down to basics (that’s the “wooden” part).  My name is Jane and I’m on a personal journey to getting back to basics and becoming a true domestic goddess.  I know a little bit here and there about cooking, crafting, and entertaining, but I’d like to become an expert at all things domestic.  So feel free to strap on an apron and become domestic with me.

Some of My Favorite Sites:

Aforementioned Thoughts – My friend, Meredith, runs this site and it’s always full of new sites to visit, her daily life, and some domestic projects she partakes in.  I don’t know how she does it all…

YWrites – Another friend of mine.  She’s truly the ruler of the mighty kitchen sword.  She writes solely about food, so check here for great recipes from a great person!  (I’ll also be working with her to do a few specials, so check that out too!)

Etsy – A crafter’s eBay.  What more could you ask for?

Craftster.org – A forum dedicated to those who participate in all things handmade.  I go here for lots of inspiration and great tutorials from talented people.