Now I realize that not everyone has that “special someone” in their lives, but relationships go beyond boyfriends and girlfriends.  It’s about human interaction in general.  Friendships, Family, and Romantic.  So I’m dedicating this month to helping you improve those relationships, or even beginning them! 

But what good would a preacher be if he/she wouldn’t live their own word?  So in the spirit of Relationship Month, I went through my phone last night and made a phone call to some of my close friends that I seemed to have lost touch with.  I’ve always had a hard time returning phone calls, or even picking up the phone, so you have to understand what a big leap this was for me.  (I much prefer email…)

I did a little bit of my work for Relationship Month ahead of time by beginning Apartment 310G (which you’re more than welcome to join!) and keeping the growing friendships I’ve aquired online.  For once, I actually feel good about nurturing my relationships and I gotta say, it feels so rewarding.  😀