Just as I was about to get off the computer, I of course just had to find something else to do on the interweb.  I now know how Meredith can call herself an internet addict.

So of course, I landed on etsy and I came across RunnerBean’s shop and I’m so glad I did.  Though small (compared to other users that have what seems like infinite products) with only 18 items listed, it was a very fulfilling browse.  You see there, I came upon these wonderful statue type items that runnerbean calls paper gurumi which she explains came out of an appreciation for the growing craft of amigurumi (crocheted toys done in a continuous stitch made in a round) but didn’t they was gifted with the dull ook.  So, they ventured into the paper version of amigurumi and came up with these:


Sol  $35



Lark  $30