I always wanted to be more active in the crafting community or at least an admirer.  So it dawned on me that the next step I needed to take was to attend craft fairs, maybe get to know the vendors, the attendees, or coordinators.  And aside from getting to know the crafters better, I’ll also be more involved in the SoCal community. 

So I found this great site that shows all the craft fairs, shows, and festivals, coming up in the next year.  Unfortunately, craftmasternews.com it’s only for the west half of the country but smartfrogs.com will give you a list of fairs for the east half.

I feel so left out of the loop.  Just in January alone, there was a list of over 20 shows that I missed out on but I won’t let that happen anymore!  I’m so excited to attend the Chinese New Year festivals in Los Angeles in just a little over a week.  I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!