Paper Cuts Studio has been such a big inspiration for me.  And after that wonderful interview with the lovely Feliza-Rose from Paper Cuts Studio, I decided to take my designs, book binding, and well everything to the next level.  A few of her journals feature linocut prints (like Robot Love) and after she explained how approachable this craft was, I decided to give it a try myself.

So without further adu, here are my first linocuts.  After I did the first one (the mushroom design at the bottom) I couldn’t stop!  But it was getting late and I needed to go home (I did the work at Sergio’s house a.k.a. the Wooden Robot creative headquarters). 

Clock wise from top left:  Cartoon Broccoli, cupcake, ice cream, birdie, Phat Monkey, mushrooms, lanterns.
I think this may be a new addition to my top 5 hobbies (don’t ask me what the other 4 are, there’s like a 20 way tie).  It’s fun, easy, fast (depending on your design) and best of all:  cheap!  I got a sheet of linoleum for about $6 and these cuts only took half of that sheet.