Phat Monkey, he’s really funky, phat monkey…that funky monkey!  Ok, so that little theme song was a rip off of the Beastie Boys, but there was a time in high school (I believe it was 10th grade) where I called everyone a fat monkey.  I even learned it in Spanish:  El Mono Gordo.  It’s not that I think an obese real life monkey is cute, but a cartoon or stuffed animal is pretty cute. 

When I got into sock monkey making (I only made 2…) I kept trying to make a fat monkey, but nothing was working out.  I must have had a brain fart at those moments because it dawned on me last night that I had to put a little triangle insert to make his belly a little bigger.  (Although I did it in the back this time, but I will try it in the front next time.) 

So that’s exactly what I did last night.  It had been a while since I’ve made a sock monkey, so the process was a little fuzzy for me, and I’m not much of a sewer, but I managed.

You probably noticed that he’s eating a soft serve strawberry ice cream in the first photo.  Don’t worry, I joined him with that one.  I crocheted that before I went to bed last night.  I’m not 100% happy with it, but it’ll do for now.

 Next up on the list:  make him some clothing!  I hope that I gather up enough energy (since I’m so lazy) to make him a cute cigar jacket.  I had lots of costumes in mind for him.  So we can all look forward to that now that I have my model done.  =]