I’ve just finished reading a concise list of the ’08 Oscar nods.  I was shocked to find that I’ve actually seen most of the movies on the list!  Now, it could either mean that the Oscars–once uptight and a little ‘snooty’ have found a more modern, slightly light hearted movies that they’re recognizing, or…I’m growing up.  Scary.

Best Picture Nominees: 

There Will Be Blood


No Country For Old Men


Michael Clayton

Movies I wanted to see:  Orange

Movies I kind of sort of wanted to see:  Olive

Movies I saw and Loved:  Blue

Now I know it’s an underdog and it’s probably not going to win, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Juno is the one for me.  Although I wouldn’t mind if any of the ones I saw (and I say that because it’s the only fair judgement I can make since I haven’t seen the others) won.  Although I’m a bit shocked that Into the Wild didn’t get any nods.  That was also a really good movie.