I’ll be bringing back one of my old characters:  Phat Monkey.  So in the spirit of this super fly cat, I give you the very first instructions I used to make my first sock monkey. 


• Turn sock inside out.
• Sew a seam (A) 1/2″ on both sides of center of sock starting 3″ from the white of the heel and across the end of top. Cut socks between seams and to within 1-1/2″ of white heel. This leaves an opening in crotch.
• Then turn sock so seams are inside and use crotch opening to stuff head, body and legs.
• Cut the upper part of the sock into two pieces. Seam, rounding ends and stuff the arms.
• Cut the heel from the sock, leaving a brown edge around the white. Fasten on lower part of the face, whipping around the bottom; stuff and finish sewing around the top. The mouth can be improved by running stitch of either black or white across the middle of the lips.
• Cut a 1″ strip, taper to end of cuff on length of front of sock. Seam and stuff.
• Cut the ears from the remaining brown part of the sole of the sock.
• Sew on moving eyes; buttons, felt, or embroider with black thread. (For very small children embroider eyes.)
• There are many variations from this basic pattern. Decorations can be either pompons, yarn or bells. Jackets, vests and skirts are also used for clothing the monkey.

• One pair Rockford Red Heel Socks.
• Stuffing-cotton batting or polyester fiber.
• Red knitting yarn.
• Black embroidery thread.
• All purpose thread.
• Buttons for eyes (optional)
• Straw hat (optional)


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