I’ve been recently inspired by all the great people I’ve met through this blog.  Many of them are fellow crafters, bloggers, and some readers.  Whatever they were though, I thoroughly enjoyed my little conversations with everyone and realized that the more and more I blogged and read others’ posts, the more friends I met.  Which made me think:  I have so many wonderful friends, I bet they would all love each other’s company too!  So, I talked to some of my close friends and got to brainstorming.

My friends, Anthony and Meredith (they have never met by the way) both came up with the exact same idea:  start a social network.  That way, we can all share ideas, tips, tricks, and projects and on top of that all, have a fun place to go to where your friends are.  Kind of like we all share a creative apartment!

So Meredith came up with Apt 310G (kind of looks like Apt BLOG doesn’t it?  How clever.) 

If I haven’t sent you an e-mail to invite you, it’s probably because I don’t have your email address, but it most definitely doesn’t mean that you’re not invited!  You can join by clicking here and begin creating your profile, posting pictures, videos, and participating in forums. 

I’ll have to get a little bit more adapted to managing it, but you can definitely look forward to craft exchanges, some mini contests, and other great things.  😀  I look forward to seeing you there!