I recently joined an awesome yoga studio about 3 months ago.  Let me tell you, if you want something to increase your physical strength/flexibility, while getting spiritually in tune with yourself, I highly recommend yoga.  Well worth the moola.  Now on the other hand, because taking classes is somewhat costly, I didn’t have the will to spend more money on miscellaneous yoga gear, like the yoga mat case, clothing etc.  So I took a quick trip to Joann’s and now I’m sportin’ my very own customized yoga mat bag.  Tada!

It’s got lining and cinches up top to secure your precious mat.

The entire project took me a little over an hour to cut and sew. The fabric only cost me $3.00 and I used an old curtain for the lining.  (Yoga mat cases range from $15-$50).

Below are the dimensions for instructions if you want to make your own bag.  (Pictures are not drawn to scale.)

1) Strap/drawstring: Sew the strap down the length (inside out). Flip it right side out and iron with the seam in the middle.
2) Body of bag: Fold the main fabric about two inches down from the top and sew an inch from the fold.  This is where you will draw your string through.  From the seam, sew about an inch down lengthwise and then sew part of the strap in.  Continue sewing until the end.
3) Place the other end of the strap at the bottom.  Sew the circle and strap simultaneously onto the bottom of the main body.  Be sure to cut little notches an inch apart from each other on the circle to make the sewing easier. 
4) Lining: Sew lengthwise and attach the circle.
5) Attach main fabric to lining: With both pieces inside out, sew the top of the lining to the extra inch of fabric hanging from the top seam of the main piece.  Leave about three inches, so you can pull the lining through and place it appropriately.  Hand sew the remaining three inches and you’re done! 

Now, get ready to stretch and twist your body!