So I’ve been on this shoe buying frenzy lately, but can you blame me?  My mind is racing with all the dresses and skirts I want to make, and I do need a few pairs of awesome shoes to match.  This time though, I decided to lay off for a little bit and check out an old time favorite that’s afforable!  Payless Shoe Source.  And for these prices, I can afford to get vibrant colors.  (I like to save my money for more classic pieces.)

Yellow shoes…who doesn’t need this in their Spring/Summer wardrobe?  I love the classic shape.  No one will ever know it’s only $20.
The part I love most about this shoe:  the thick at the top, thin at the bottom vintage style heel.  And the color?  I can just image how it will add a splash of needed color to a white eyelet dress worn on a hot summer day as I indulge in my ice cream.  I love summer.