After surfing the web with my dad, we discovered [I’m sure every but us have heard of him] the designer Franco Sarto.  I’m in love with his simple but elegant designs.  These two are my favorite, but at the moment, above my budget which would be $Free right now.  But a girl can keep dreaming!  Besides, I can wait for the sales.  I hope.
 These shoes have a great chunky heel for more stability but it’s shaped so that people will never guess that you’re comfortable.  This would look great with a tasteful minidress paired with stockings for a cozy winter look.
I am in love with these shoes.  I love the vintage inspired shape and the heel just looks perfect.  These shoes will do all the talking for you making your ordinary slim jeans looks amazing or turn a cute summer dress flirty.  I can’t wait to get $82.95.