There’s a special place in my heart for clothing.  Maybe it’s that my dad is heavily involved in the fashion industry.  Maybe it’s that it’s another form of art.  Maybe it’s the designs I admire.  TIMBER! is one of my favorite clothing sellers in Etsy and it’s hard not to like him with his inventive designs and artistic ability.  Luckily, I got to know him in just 10 Questions.

Lumberjack on Deep V Neck $18

1. Have you always been involved in making or printing apparel?
Not really, I have been screen printing for 8 years now. I’ve always been into art though.

2. Do you have any other hobbies?
Yes… I am the king of hobbies. All of my hobbies involve producing something, whether it’s woodwork, fine art, toys, dragging home trash and turning it into something fun… I always like to make new things. I suppose I have nothing but hobbies, some of them just happen to make money.

3. Are a majority (or all) of the t-shirts illustrated by you or your team?
TIMBER! is a one man show. All pieces are illustrated, printed, and sold by one person.

4. Where do you get the inspiration for new designs?
Everywhere. I don’t know, it’s hard to say. I love art, picture books, anything visual really. I draw and paint non-stop, and a lot of times it’s my old drawings that inspire the new ones.

5. How much time out of your week is dedicated to working on your t-shirts?
TIMBER! takes up most of my free time… it is a never-ending process. My art ventures are always all consuming, but it’s what I love to do.

[Where all the magic happens…his workspace.]

6. Describe the creative process you take to make each shirt.
I like the idea of wearable art, so it starts there. I draw constantly and from the pages and pages of sketchbook illustrations, I usually get a t-shirt idea and develop it further. Unfortunately, going from sketch to design is a very lengthy process of drawing and re-drawing.

7. How did you begin selling t-shirts and apparel?
This really started from nothing. All I wanted to do was put a lumberjack on a t-shirt. I never set out to make a business of it. People wanted to buy it, so I made more.

8. Is Etsy the only place we can find your shirts right now?
Yeah, I like Etsy. It’s easy to keep track of orders and payments and stuff when it’s in one place.

9. You’ve been a member for only about 3-4 months now. What do you credit your success to? Do you have advice for others trying to make it selling their crafts?
Gosh, I didn’t know I was that successful.  I think that buyers can tell that a person loves what they’re making. It just shows in the work somehow. The only advice I can give sounds simple, but make stuff that you want to own. There’s a good chance other people will want to own it too.

10. What do you see and hope for the future of Timberps in the next 5 years?
I’m pleased with TIMBER!’s success so far, and I don’t ever want to be so big that I can’t have the level of control that I have now. I just hope to have some really great designs out.