Through the wonderful world wide web, I’ve met a lot of amazing people.  This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Tynie who writes a great blog with helpful articles about everyday things that people don’t think about, but should.  Including, losing that turkey stuffing that just does not seem to melt away like that extra square of butter you put on your baked potatoes (mmm…).  Oh, I’m going to miss the holidays.

“My ass is the size of a meteor set to vanquish the solar system and my love handles are getting out of hand. I’m not obese nor am I overweight (according to my BMI, which you can compute here) but my fat is distributed unevenly making me look… uneven (especially in unforgiving dresses). …

Now controlling your weight or losing weight shouldn’t be painful. Here are some small tips in your quest to trim off that excess baggage…”

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For more tips, visit Tynie.