I’m now trying to organize my life so that I can actually get things done in a timely matter–maybe even stress less as a result.  But now that I’m organized with my handy ice cream notebook, I’m setting a list of goals for 2008.

  1. Expand MyWoodenRobot.  More products, more posts, more of all the good stuff.
  2. Get almost perfect grades in school.  I realize now that school, although at times can be a challenge, it’s not impossible.  If I stay organized, there’s not reason not to complete assignments or do the reading.
  3. Get a job.  Until my etsy shop miraculously takes off or my blog makes it big time and I don’t need to work outside of home anymore, I need to replace my old, safe, and no longer existing job now with one that pays the bills and my spending habit and then some.
  4. Save Money.  This will be a hard one…but I know that when I need to, I’m very good at budgeting money.  I like to save some money in an envelope and keep a written record of how much money I’ve saved or what I spent.  Having to write a – rather than a + always hurts and it makes me spend my “savings” less.  I like to watch my money grow.
  5. Keep in touch with my friends.  I’m really not good at this.  I just always get so lazy to respond to comments on MySpace or send out e-mails or cards…even pick up the phone.  It’s a true and honest case of “It’s not you, it’s me.”
  6. Read More.  I’m shooting for a book a month.  Maybe we can all make an online reading group.  Eh?  What do you think?  Peer pressure is the best motivation.
  7. Be Up to Date on Current Events.  I’m a grown person now.  I think I should know that things that happen even half way across the world will somehow affect me.  I need to know these things.  Plus, I need to make an educated choice for decision ’08.

Big year, big goals.  That’s the way ’08 is going to be.  Scary, but I think I’m ready for the change.