Kandy Kainz Lane

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I’m happy to finally have the holiday season over. Even though it’s a time to celebrate and be with family, all the party planning really took a toll me and my family. We’re exhausted.

I was so sad to see my sister leave back to Boston yesterday, but if all works out, I’ll be visiting her by Spring Break so it’s only a matter of a few months until I see her again. Then, she’ll be back for summer!

Last night, after we said our temporary goodbyes to my sister and her boyfriend, Sergio drove me over to this house that his mom told him about. He described it like this, “My mom told me we have to check out this crazy house over here.” It intrigued me.

We stopped by, and suddenly, I remembered what it was like as a child to feel the holiday spirit (even if it was New Year’s Day yesterday). There was a crowd of about 10 people outside of this house and everyone looked so happy and peaceful. It was as if it snowed on the desert we live on, Los Angeles. I think it was a great ending out the holiday season and I feel so refreshed and ready to make 2008 a memorable one.