Serving trays
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Hi, I’m Regina and I’m nervous. This is my first post on MyWoodenRobot. My sister has cordially invited me to post about random crafts and dishes/meals that I make. Hopefully this will encourage me to continue to try new things because we all know how lazy we can get when we get used to things.

Alright, so my boyfriend’s parents are coming to LA to celebrate new years and meet my parents for the first time ever! I have been racking my brain about what to give them as a welcoming gift. I like gifts to have meaning or to show that I put some work into it. After brainstorming with my father and sister, we came up with a personalized antique-looking tray. It was a fairly simple project. It combines the technique of stenciling and some freehand painting.

Cost: < $20

Wooden tray (I used finished – unfinished is fine too)
Acrylic paint
Print design
Hi-gloss finish (spray on lacquer- inexpensive, and very easy to use)

Xacto knife
Paint brushes

Stencil your design. Paint the base color onto your tray. Use tape to create straight lines and keep the paint off areas where you don’t want it. Once the paint is dry, use a sponge to dab the contrasting color through your stencil. Then use your paint brushes to touch up of some messy areas. Wait for the paint to dry, and finish it with two coats of lacquer.

Voila! Your very own personalized serving tray.

Stay tuned for more projects – cuz this gift ain’t done!