You might have seen her super cute embroidered souffle pin cushions I posted earlier this week.  But now, we all get a chance to get to know the person that puts the love in her stitches in 10 questions.

Cupcake Patch and Butterfly Souffle Pincushion

1. How long have you been involved in the crafting community?
Not very long. I’ve always been a little bit crafty but it didn’t really take off until early 2007 when I got a job in a craft store. I had a staff discount and that was bad news!! I went to a couple of craft fairs around then too and it woke my interest.
2. Have you always been in embroidery?
No, I only started in August this year. I have barely put the needle down since.
3. What other crafts do you like to do?
I like to try any crafts I can. The one other one I do all the time is sewing but I have tried paper making, soap making, freezer paper stencils, everything.
4. The Souffle pin cushions are adorable. Where did you get the inspiration for those?
I saw a page from a Japanese craft book with plain pincushion souffles and thought they were cute. Plus I was just starting embroidery and didn’t need much of an excuse to cover everything with my stitching!
5. Describe the creative process you take while embroidering.
I embroider whenever and wherever I can. I have a sewing tray for my threads and needles (I sell the trays too, they’re something you never knew you needed but you really do!) and I put it beside me on the couch or the bed or anywhere and just go for it. I like to relax into my stitching but I’ll also do a stitch or two on the way past if thats all I have time for.


Passport Holder $10

6. Looking at your shop, you have a few different items (i.e. passport holder, bibs, and pin cushions), but somehow they all ‘gel’ together pretty well. How do you decide what the next thing you’re going to make is?
I make what I like to make – something different each time if I can help it. I think individuality is important if you’re going to buy handmade. I like to make things that are both useful and pretty. The passport holder came about after remembering my nightmare trip to the US, with nosebleeds and queues and a flimsy plastic travel wallet to hold my tickets and passport. The bibs came about because frankly so many bibs are hideous and there’s no need for that! If I can make peoples busy lives prettier or more fun in one tiny way, by making them stop and smile when they look at what they bought from me then I’ll consider myself content as a crafter.
7. I see on your blog that you attend craft fairs. How did you get into them?
A great craft fair Craft 2.0 started here (Wellington, New Zealand) in March and I was serving so many of the crafters at the craft store I got so inspired and went to it. I bought lots and got a LOT of ideas and the next one in August was packed wall to wall with people and great crafts so I decided that I had to sell my crafts at the one in December. I just did my first craft fair on the 16th. It’s a great day out for sellers and buyers!
8. Have any tips for those who want to enter them, but don’t know where to start?
Ask someone. Anyone. How do I get a table at the next one? Is it a good fair? Who’s the go-to person here? Get out and meet the crafters in your local area, they’re often very friendly and they all know others in the craft world. I met someone at the last one who offered me embroidery work for her crafts! You never know!
9. If 200 years from now, we think of Love Stitches, what do you want the public to remember about you most?
Everything I made really was stitched with love. I wouldn’t spend up to 3 days on one embroidery if I didn’t love it.
10. What do you see (and hope for) in the next 3-5 years for Love Stitches?
More craft fairs and selling through shops I hope! Just as long as I have fun somewhere in the process of creating I’ll keep doing it.