My friend, whom I met online by the way, Meredith, wrote this little shopping guide for me.  She’s a self proclaimed internet addict, a fellow blogger (find her at, and crafter.


Membership to their favorite social networking site (i.e. Flickr, LiveJournal, etc.)

Perfect for: The Social Networker

Why It’s Great: Memberships to these sites offer add-ons for users, most including extra storage space for whatever your needs may be. Memberships are fun to have, but a drag to buy for yourself. That makes them the perfect gift!
Price Range: $10+ a year, depending on the site


Ergonomic Keyboard
Perfect for: The Instant Messenger
Why It’s Great: Spending so many hours at the keyboard can easily lead to serious pain, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This ergonomic keyboard keeps your muscles right where they need to be – and keeps those fingers typing long past former limits!
Price Range: $20.00 – $59.95


Dell Laptops
Perfect for: The On-The-Go Addict
Why It’s Great: A laptop is the essential gift for the on-the-go internet addict. With free wi-fi in so many areas, you can access the ‘net almost anywhere these days. The Dell Inspiron laptops give you many choices for color – letting you be as unique as you want to be.
Price Range: $499 – $799