Here’s a story I saw on Hawty McBloggy that I thought you might find interesting.  Might make some good conversation with your firends tomorrow!

“I don’t know the specifics yet, but I can say with 100% certainty that something extremely fishy is going on over at eBay. Let me explain.

An eBay auction recently ended in which a “Halo 3 Xbox Live Friendship” was sold [Difference in Opinion]. It’s not the first time it has been done, and I am sure it won’t be the last either. The person selling this friendship was eBay seller lilperiwinkle, who just happens to not have any feedback whatsoever. This “lilperiwinkle” is a demure young blond who has this to say about the item that was for sale :

Here’s your chance to make a new Halo 3 friend on XBOX live! Yes I am a girl and Yes I do actually play. I have my good days of playing and my bad days. I’m pretty darn good with plasma grenades I must say. My favorite level is Snow Bound! I have a pink controller and a Turtle Beach X3 headset for surround sound. I’m all set for a good game!

This friendship will included: talking on XBOX live, Playing Halo 3, messaging, I can help you with unlocking achievements- finding hidden skulls. Also you will get a signed picture of me playing halo 3. This is a once and a lifetime deal- Hey maybe we can even level up together!”

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I thought it was pretty funny.  She mentions later that the friendship actually sold for $107.  Why didn’t I think of that?  I mean, I can throw in the autographed picture too!