I’ve had this blog for I think about 3 weeks now and I’m loving every minute and every word that I put into this blog.  Some of you may know the future plans I have for My Wooden Robot which includes (but not limited to) some guest writers, including HandyMan Chronicles (once he gets back from vacation) and Mommy & Me Cooking Sessions.  I’m hoping for lots of others! 

So while I blog away everyday and I become more and more dedicated to My Wooden Robot, while I’m thinking of the next post to put in here, I design stationary (some of which you’ve seen here on the site, and a few others I have yet to post).  All together, I’ve compiled about 5-6 different designs and once I finalize the colors and such, you’ll be able to see these stationary and notecard sets on Etsy.  I’m hoping to shoot for end of December–lets say January FOR SURE.  I’m not sure what I’m waiting for, but I’ll be posting them on Etsy soon and hopefully I’ll earn enough money to pay for a domain!  *Fingers Crossed*