I’m sure you know that one of my absolute favorite things to do online (aside writing for this) is browse the wonderful world of etsy.  The pages are oozing with inspiration, colors, and images and I always feel so motivated to craft for myself or buy some products.  One day, I stumbled upon the magical world that LilyMoon has created complete with stories and illustrations.  Her products range from pins to greeting cards and what can be cooler than products that are shipped from Nicosia and made by a Greek artist? 


Pins by LilyMoon

1. Many, if not all, of your drawings have a story that goes along with that. Which comes first? The story or the picture?
Mostly both. The image and the text complete eachother and make the concept “whole” in my mind.

2. How often do you produce a new story and drawing? And how long does one usually take?
It’s part of my everyday life I guess. There was this one story of mine which I hope to publish one day, that I couldn’t find the perfect ending too and it took me nearly a year to do so – then the ending came into my head out of nowhere one day! I was so excited I started phoning my friends and telling them about it, haha!

3. I love the colors that you choose for your prints. Where do you get inspiration for these colors?
One of my biggest passions in life is colour! Im inspired mostly from nature and from the pigments themselves. Right now I really like working with neutral colours like shades of grey and sepia in contrast with vibrant colours like pinks, greens, oranges etc.

4. How would you describe your style?
Thats a difficult question …
On my part, I try to produce images that will speak honestly to people and maybe open a door into another world that sparks their imagination…


Little Sister Print on White

5. What kind of person do you think your style appeals to?
I hope it appeals to all ages and to people with different experiences.

6. I see many of your pictures have a bird cage design to it, do you love birds? Or just their cages?
I do love birds and I do love the symbolism of cages that can be interpretted in so many ways 🙂

7. Your pictures have a fantasy element to it. Is there a world you have created for yourself that you escape to when you’re being creative?
Yes, I completely surrender my self to that world when I create…

8. How long have you been drawing? Is it a full time (or career) hobby?
I’ve been painting all my life. I knew from a very young age that it is what I wanted to do in my life and I feel lucky that I’ve made a full time job of it!

9. Your etsy profile shows that you have been a member for over a year now and have 163 people that have given you a 100%, postive rating. Did your store take time to build up or did it feel like everything happened over night.
When I started selling my work on Etsy I was overwhelemd by the response of people to my images and deeply touched. People on Etsy are really lovely and I am not just saying that…Truly I feel very blessed and honored to be a part of their community!

10. What do you hope will be the future of LilyMoon?
I don’t really think of the future, Im really content in enjoying the moment right now…Maybe one thing I’d hope for would be that my stories would be published in full one day and travel the world and hopefully spread a little magic wherever they go 🙂