brownbobbin.jpg I’m sure you’ve seen her super cute and adorable baby blankets and nursing covers that were featured on Day 4:  For the Baby earlier this week.  So lets get to know this amazing talent just 10 questions.



Blankie and Burp Set by BrownBobbin

1.How did you come up with your user name?
Let’s see…the bobbin part of the name has somewhat of a dual meaning: most of my items will be sewn so that involves the use of the sewing machine bobbin and secondly many items will be for the little “bobbins” and their mamas…have you ever seen the movie “Willow”? Brown: it’s just a beautiful color, I love it!
2.What were some of your favorite hobbies growing up and to this day?
Painting- wish I had more time
Crocheting- thanks for teaching me grandma
Sewing- more so now than growing up, but grandma taught me back in the day also
Reading- love it
Many other hobbies now, but these are the ones I also did growing up.
3.What is your absolute favorite medium to work with?
That’s tough, it depends on my mood. I will have to say paint.
4.How did you decide what kind of products to sell?
I love to create and design many different things for my kids and myself, so for now I just have a few sewn items for sale but I may throw in other items here and there.
5.I see that you are new to etsy. When did you decide to begin selling your items on here?
My daughter received an amazing little doll for her birthday. The doll was made by “project grab bag”, a shop here on etsy. Check it out. Super cute! Anyways, prior to this I didn’t even know etsy existed. I know, crazy. So needless to say once discovered I was in heaven and of course I wanted to set up shop also. I also recently had my second little bobbin and I was coming up to the end of my 6 month leave from work and I have been trying to figure out a way to stay home full time, so this was great timing. Let’s see how this goes.
6.Describe the process you take to make these adorable products.
I just make items I would love for my little ones or for myself. I love fabric stores:]
7.About how long does it usually take?
Hmmmm…that depends, but I would say about an hour or so on average.
8.I saw on your profile that you have two small “bobbins,” do they ever help in your design and manufacturing process?
They are my inspiration for sure. As far as helping, no. My daughter is 2 years old and my son is 5 months old. Yes, life is crazy. I can only work on projects once they are having sweet dreams.
9.How did it feel when you found that you made your first sale?
Surprised, excited, motivated…
10.What are you hoping is going to be the future for BrownBobbin?
It’s all so new so I guess for now just a lot of sales and very happy mamas and even happier bobbins with their goods.