There’s the fine artist, and then there’s the graphic designer.  Their styles and techniques are different, but the one thing they have in common is that they need the right supplies to get them there.  Here are a few usefulideas within resonable price ranges you might want to consider.


Froot Loops Notebook by IvyLaneDesigns

Perfect for:  The Prolific Artist

Why It’s Great:  Nothing like a little bit of graphic design on something to get some more inspiration out, plus he/she will have a place to jot down ideas or draw them.  Cereal boxes were recycled to make these babies and at these prices, who’s going to buy just one?

Price Range:  $5 – $10


Prismacolor Markers

Perfect for:  The Hands on Artist

Why It’s Great:  These are the preferred markers of many artists–professional or for leisure, even if they already have a set, a fresh new one is always welcomed.

Price Range:  From $2 – $300


Canvas Laptop Messenger Bag by Stevester

Perfect for:  The Artist on the Run

Why It’s Great:  Carry your favorite medium with you wherever you go.  This messenger bag will keep your computer close by and easily accessible, plus the awesome unisex design doesn’t hurt either.

Price Range:  $40 – $50