While playing Cranium last week with my family, we came upon a golfing question that we had no idea what the answer to was.  Questions like, “What is the 19th hole a term for on the course?” (the answer is the bar) or “What does the term birdie mean?” really stumped us all, but my uncle was squirming in his seat itching to yell out the answers.  Then I realized just how big of a club golfing really is.  I mean they even have their own jargon.  So here are some gifts to make it look like you know what they’re talking about…


Personalized Golf Balls

Perfect for:  The Aesthetic Golfer

Why It’s Great:  Your golfing friend will love that their golf balls are set apart from the other plain white ones.  You can order them with the recipients name on it or with a company logo.  Whatever it is, it’s still fun to have–even if you’re not a golfer.

Price Range:  $50-Up for 12 Golf Balls


Birdie Putting Cup

Perfect for:  The Perfectionist

Why It’s Great:  Help them perfect their swing with this small indoor putting cup.  It returns the ball to them and has room to hold golf balls!

Price Range:  $20 – $25


19th Hole Golf Game

Perfect for:  The Office Golfer

Why It’s Great:  Stuck at the office for a rediculous 8 hours a day?  Keep them excited about hitting the green after work with this golf themed Solitare game.

Price Range:  $20-25