Every minute of the day, there’s a new baby being born, so lets remember the little ones in our lives by checking out these adorable (and useful!) gifts.  Here are some amazing gifts that I found while shopping on etsy


Little Fishy and His Dad Crochet Pattern by Anapaulaoli

Perfect for:  Baby with a Hands On Crafty Mommy/Daddy

Why It’s Great:  Imagine how personal a toy would be to them if it was made by the giver?  Plus, with toys this cute, you’ll probably end up making one for yourself.

Price Range:  $0 – $5


Pink Flower Blankie by Brown Bobbin

Perfect for:  New Born

Why It’s Great:  It’s big enough to keep a toddler cozy, and small enough to keep as a security blanket.  This will last her through the ages.  (Also available in super cute boy themed prints like “cowboy”)

Price Range:  $15 – $20


Crochet Baby Beanie:  Mustard by Knittles

Perfect For:  The Stylish Baby

Why It’s Great:  So much detail for your ity-bity person.  The tiny ear flap detail and the unique tassel-like topper will set your baby apart from all the other fashion followers.

Price Range:  $20 – $25