Today was so much fun!  I had to work today, but even though it was crazy busy, Sergio kept his cool when some annoying customers called in (just for me!) and then my closest friends stopped by the restaurant to celebrate my birthday.  Which included Jennifer, Sebastian, Dan, and Jahrome (whom I haven’t seen since…3 years ago?  Maybe 2)  How sweet of them.  They didn’t have a cake or anything, but Jennifer brought these sparkling candles for me to blow out and she put them in these napkin roses that were placed in two beer bottles.  It was really nice.  Then Sergio put some donuts in the middle so I would have a “cake.”  It still is considered cake, it’s just fried.  =]

Dan gave me Mario Party 8 for the Wii (yay) and Sebastian and Jennifer gave me a baking book (super cool).  Both presents were really thoughtful and I’m very grateful for them making this one of my best birthdays.  Thanks again to everybody that took time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday, you all really made this day fun and memorable.