It is 1:04 a.m. and I feel accomplished.  Today, the 29th, is my last day at my internship (yay!) but I am going to feel sad leaving them all.  They’ve all been so nice to me, so I decided to print them some personalized woodenrobot stationary.  (I’ll be writing them all little thank you notes)  So since it’s a fashion showroom, I chose hot pink and at the top, I wrote:  to:  and a blank space to put their email address in since all they do there is email each other.  My dad says it’s an office thing.  I guess it’s more organized that way.  Plus we don’t waste paper!

(Sorry the picture’s a little fuzzy.  It’s late and I couldn’t tell the quality of the picture.)  Gosh, it was so easy making these notecards this time around being that I already had an image of my wooden robot on the computer and I just enlarged it.  And I got to use my brand new handy dandy paper cutter!  Yay!