I guess I should change my birthday (which is tomorrow) to today because today was one of the best “birthdays” ever.  I went to work not expecting anything and around 3:00, I see about 12 people all come together singing “happy birthday” to me holding a tray of mini cupcakes (half chocholate and half orange <–yum!).  I guess 20 is a marking point for how old I’m getting because I couldn’t blow out all the candles.  =\  Then I got this super cute leather bag from Geren Ford from everyone there.  They’re so nice!  I’m really going to miss them a lot.


Here it is in all its glory with over a million pockets and secret places to stash my valuables.  It really is that amazing.  And it’s like butta’

Then, when I got home, I went to Sergio’s house because he had prepared (with the help of his mom) a nice turkey dinner for us.  (no, it’s not a late Thanksgiving meal, but it was equally nice!)  The turkey was so juicy and flavorful!  It’s the first time I actually wanted seconds on turkey!  We watched Romi and Michele’s High School Reunion and after, we were called outside and I was greeted by this HUGE Tres Leches Cake.  Well, it was really tall.  Must have been about 4.5 inches high.  His family sang “happy birthday” to me and then we just kind of hung out and talked for a while. 

I wonder if my real birthday will be anything in comparison.  Probably not since I have to work the whole day at the restaurant.