Urban art often has that negative, dirty conotation.  “It’s all graffiti–which is vandalism, and that is illegal.  Don’t get into it!”  But I believe it really goes beyond that.  Yes, some don’t look like they required much thought but others well, you would have to be blind not to see the beauty in its shape, form, and color.  Let’s celebrate the urban artists this winter and give them gifts they’ll love.


Peel Magazine Subscription

Perfect For:  The Artist always looking for new and fresh inspiration. 

Why It’s Great:  Lots of stickers!  And they’re good quality too!  This magazine is full of great ideas and it may want you to start up your elementary school sticker collection again.

Price Range:  $25 for 4 Magazines


Street World:  Urban Culture and Art from Five Continents

Perfect For:  Artists and Admirers. 

Why It’s Great:  This book is a complete collection of the best street art on Earth.  It is full of color, beautifully crafted images, political statements, and short summaries of urban culture around the world.

Price Range:  $25-$35 (depending on where you buy it)


Mini Pump Paint Marker

Perfect For:  The Artist on the Run

Why It’s Great:  It’s mini.  What’s there not to like?  It’s super cute and super permanent.