After spending about 40 hours a week with these people, your co-workers become a major part of your life.  Around this time of year, I always like to at least consider giving them small gifts just to show how much I appreciate them.  Here are a few fun little gifts you may want to consider giving your office friends.


Staple Free Stapler

Perfect For:  Lover of All Things Cute

Why It’s Great:  Who knew staples were so bad for the environment.  This stapler isn’t an eye sore and is a creative and fun twist on such a practical item.  Staples 2-5 pages and its plain counterpart staples up to 10! (Also available as a dog)

Price Range:  $5 – $10


Storm Trooper 1 GB Flash Drive

Perfect For:  The Ultimate Geek

Why It’s Great:  What better combination than the marriage of sci-fi’s greatest epic adventure and today’s technology than 1 GB of space your friend can save their work on.  It’s a bit of a splurge, but the look on their faces will be priceless.  (Also available:  R2D2 and Chewbacca)

Price Range:  $50 – $75


La Dolce Vita Cookies by Ulljas

Perfect For:  Just About Anyone

Why It’s Great:  These cookies look like ice cream scoops!  And who doesn’t like food?  You can never go wrong with giving food to people because well, it’s food.  Besides, this looks a lot better than that fruit cake sitting in the corner of your fridge.  Plus, I found this on etsy, so we should support our fellow crafters/bakers.

Price Range:  $10-$15