At work today, my co-worker was stressing over the idea of giving her boyfriend a gift.  At home, we did a Secret Santa type exchange and now I’m wondering exactly what I should give to my recipient.  I thought that maybe, just maybe, I could do a little bit of the work for you.  Covering everything from a $5 to $200 budget and of course with the amount of time left until Christmas in mind.  (Which is why I’m starting today and not on December 1.  Let’s try to get our shopping done just a little bit early this year.)  So here it is, the kick off to what I think are some of the best gifts out this year.

Day 1

For the Pop Culture King/Queen


I Love Lucy:  The Complete Series


Perfect For:  The television fanatic (male or female)

Why It’s Great:  This is a classic television show that everyone knows about and makes references to.  If you love comedy, then you Love Lucy too.  This box has all six seasons cleverly packaged in a “chocolate box.”  Remember that episode?

Price Range:  $150 – $200  (And well worth it.)


Stanley Kubrick Collection

 Perfect For:  The Resident Movie Buff

Why It’s Great:  Classic movies that we’ve all at least seen clips from.  If you can’t find someone to give this one to, then you should treat yourself to it!

Price Range:  $50 – $75



Alfred Hitchcock:  The Master of Suspense:  A Pop-Up Book

Perfect For:  The Sitting Thrill Seeker

Why It’s Great:  What could be better than a book that originally appealed to children spiced up by featuring Hitchcocks most popular movies into 3D with a 2D medium?

Price Range:  $15 – $25