Dear domestic goddess,

A co-worker of mine made pecan pie for the first time ever this past Thanksgiving. She said that it came out perfect, but the top was burnt. Do you have any suggestions?


I’m glad you see me as something of a “Domestic Goddess.”  I do try.  I had this dilemma many times when I first began baking.  I would put cookies in the oven and before the suggested time for baking was over, my cookies were burnt to a crisp (and not the good kind).  Or cakes would come out overcooked and dry in some areas and not in others.  This is a very frustrating situation and I think the best solution I can give you is to get an oven thermometer.

Often times, ovens have uneven temperature or the temperature you put on the dial does not match the one in the oven.  This is the case for me.  Our oven is about 25 degrees off!  It seems like such a drastic problem, but the solution is so simple and it lies in an oven thermometer.  You can find these at your local super market, online, or restaurant supply store if they’re open to the public.  The price range is about $5-$20 and all you need is a simple one that gets the job done.  If you’re like me and feel hesitant to spend $10 here and there for some kitchen supplies, this is one that you definitely will not regret.  It will save you all the time and money when you conside how many baked goods will actually turn out well, good with the right temperature in there.