This Friday, November 30, I will be turning twenty years old.  This means I will no longer technically be a teenager and I am just a year away from being a REAL adult and five years away from being able to rent a car (that’s probably more like the REAL adult age, but I think 21 is considered an adult already…).  I don’t think I will be celebrating this year or really, any year after this one and to tell you the truth, it’s a relief now that I don’t care about my birthday because I won’t feel devastated if somebody forget to wish me an amazingly happy birthday.

Anyway, as each year passes, it gets me thinking about the future and what I’ve achieved in the past.  The verdict on my life so far:  I need to travel more.  Learn more.  Explore more.  And I intend to do just that in the years to come.  So cheers to all of you who have survived another year in this modern world of ours.  I hope we’ve all learned just a little bit more as the days pass and remember the lesson.  I always think that life passes out a lot of cumulative quizzes and it’s a pain in the arse if we don’t study.