(This is the best picture I could get since Yummy seems to have all their pictures locked…  I’ll make sure to take pictures of their gorgeous cupcakes next time.) 

After an unsuccessful interview for a magazine internship (they wanted a more experienced apprentice…I’m not upset though.  I tried and I move on to the next opportunity), Sergio and I decided to try Yummy Cupcakes, a cupcake bakery, that I had read about a few months back.  For those who don’t know me, I LOVE all things baking.  Cupcakes, pies, bread, all that… I love making it and later eating it.  I should probably get a gym membership soon.

So I decided to try these so called “Yummy Cupcakes,” and to my surprise, they were indeed yummy.  I had the Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting and Sergio had Fudge Yummy.  Wow, both completely passed my expectations since I’ve never really had good experiences with trendy bakeries–sure the decor is rich, but the baked good are far from it.  No, Yummy Cupcakes are definitely well, yummy.

The cake is dense and moist and the buttercream frostings are not overwhelmingly greased up with Crisco and butter.  They are actually flavorful–a little on the sweet side, but what frosting isnt?–and still hold its shape!  Very hard to do with frosting.

I’m definitely going back the next time we’re in the area and I’m bringing some home too!  Considering that cupcakes are mainly made out of flour, sugar, and flavoring, $3 a pop seems a little steep, but it was well worth it.