My good friend, Obdulio, birthday is next week on the 24th and I just couldn’t celebrate another year of his existence without a present!  So I remembered that he mentioned to me that ever since he was young, he wanted an Alf doll.  I’m not sure why but it may be that he did grow up in the 80s…  Since they’re out of production, I decided to find one on eBay. 


If I win this Alf doll, then it’ll be my first eBay purchase.  I now see why it’s so exciting.  The other night, I was neck and neck with another buyer…  That a-hole.  Anyway, I was forced to give that one up because the price was getting a little too steep for me.  Luckily, I’ve found another and I seem to be the only one bidding on this one. 

Only 37 minutes and 44 seconds left to go!